LING ENERGY LIFT FACIAL Just sitting in New York’s zen Ling New York spa and drinking green tea for an hour could probably take a few stress lines off your face, but owner Ling Chan claims a lot more with her new Energy Lift therapy. Combining far-infrared light, heat, and acupressure, the treatment begins with 20 minutes of heat therapy on your back, neck, and shoulders. Chan’s “heat machine” is embedded with tourmaline crystals that emit far-infrared rays. As you lie facedown on the treatment table, Chan runs the hand piece over your back. It feels like a hot stone massage, sans sticky oil. Chinese medicine practitioners believe that far-infrared energy is the same frequency as our chi; consequently, the treatment promises to increase energy, oxygenate the blood, and detoxify. In any case, studies have shown that the rays reduce aches and pains as well as boost long-term collagen and elastin production. Next is the facial, which includes a glycolic peel, a massage, and multiple masks. After applying her Apple Stem Cellular Energy serum and DNA DoNotAge Cellular Youth Extension cream, Chan performs her signature acupressure technique with the far-infrared device, leading to a (temporary) lift, a healthy flush, and plumped-up wrinkles. “Most of my clients look at least five years younger,” says Chan. Cost: $195.

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